Büşra Karacadağ



Ms.Busra born in Sakarya and moved to Istanbul before the age of one Comes from a textile manufacturer and trader family and raised by full-time business people parents. She was always raised with full knowledge of the business world and with the core values of being trustable, hardworking, responsible, forward-thinking, and independent.

Hard work Meets Opportunity


She started her education at Yeşilbahar Elementary School, İstanbul, continued her education as a boarding student with a full scholarship in Adapazarı ENKA Schools,  where she has received IB Program level education. In 2006 during her high school studies, she has joined the AFS International Exchange program and studied a year in Northern China, where she learned her fluent Chinese practiced various Chinese arts. 

She started her Bachelor's Degree as an International Finance student in Bahcesehir University, studied her second year in the University of Valencia Spain with EU ERASMUS program grant, her third year in Lingnan University Hong Kong with Global Exchange Program, the fourth year in Hong Kong Polytechnic University as a Co-op Student where she both worked at the university and also take courses at the same time. She completed her Masters in Global Politics and International Relations While she was working as the Asia Business Development Director of Bahcesehir International Institute. 

She returned to Turkey by the end of 2015 started working for a Chinese Tech Company then switched back to the finance industry with a Private Equity Firm. She has managed the Middle East and Turkey Investment of an international Private Equity firm and solely managed various investment transactions from A to Z. She has been known in the private investment industry in the GULF region generated outstanding returns for her investors.  By 2020 she has established her Strategy Consulting firm and works with private clients internationally. On the side is working on a Tech Startup and writing a book about her stories from business life as a young businesswoman.